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Welcome to the darkest day of detention the school has ever known!

In the world’s worst run high school, nerdy Ormsby is thrown into the most dangerous place he would never want to be: detention. Surrounded by a ragtag crew of students - the jock trying to conceal his alternative lifestyle, the wise guy dirtbag bucking the system, the psycho goth girl who believes she’s a vampire, and the head cheerleader who’s also the school’s head slut - Ormsby thinks the worst of his problems will be avoiding spitballs, wedgies and dealing with the military crackpot, Assistant Principal Pilato. A disastrous trip to the cafeteria brings about a full-blown zombie apocalypse, all under the not-so-watchful eye of the oblivious school principal. As he makes his way full through a school loaded with the living dead, Ormsby will face a movie-obsessed film teacher, a janitor who lusts after his mop, a pornographic health teacher, and the most schizoid game of volleyball ever played. But hey, at least the zombies follow the bell schedule.

Deadtention - The Club Where The Students Are The Breakfast


Deadtention is currently in pre-production. We are scouting locations and raising funds - and you can be a part of it!
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